Credit Spreads allow you to make money when markets go up and down, creating greater potential opportunities

Credit Spread Trading Benefits

Make Money

Target your own return and not rely on the whims of the market

Easy Strategies

Easy to implement strategies

Money Up or Down

Make money regardless of market direction

High Profitability

Focus on trades with a high probability of success

Member Testimonials

"Joe’s easy to follow educational videos have helped me become better at trading credit spreads and substantially increased my monthly income! I don’t worry anymore about whether the market is up or down because these trading strategies give you the opportunity to win in any market environment."

- Dave T. from Maine

Learn the techniques needed to profitably TRADE credit spreads

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Anatomy of a Credit Spread
Anatomy of a Credit Spread
How to "Become the Casino" using Credit Spreads
Become the Casino
Credit Spread Research Ideas – the STaF Approach
Research Ideas
Credit Spreads - Art vs Science
Art vs Science
Managing a Portfolio of Credit Spreads
Manage Portfilio
Income Potential Using Credit Spreads
Income Potential